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We are a warm and caring community that joins together to worship God, follow the teachings of Jesus, encourage one another in faith, and help those in need. We invite people of all faith backgrounds, physical and mental abilities, and sexual orientations to join us. Come and experience the Spirit among us!

“Everyone who thirsts, come to the waters…” Isaiah 55:1

News & Events

Join Us!

Sunday, April 5th: Easter Sunday
8:30 a.m. Bible Study
9:45 a.m. All Ages Worship with communion
11:00 a.m. Fellowship


See more upcoming events here.

Our Blog: WCUC Windows

  • A Holy Week Meditation on Grief and Comeback

    Dear friends in Christ, As I prepare to leave your wonderful congregation and you celebrate the return of Hannah as your beloved minister, I wanted to share my third  “Grief and Comeback” column. You may remember that this is a monthly column that is published in the Newburyport Daily News.Holy Week is the week we […]

  • Dennis’ Testimony

    I live a very peripatetic lifestyle; meaning I walk everywhere I go. The Etymology of the word peripatetic is Greek in origin; the Greek peripatetikos or ‘of Aristotle’ and his school, literally means, walking about. I learned this way of defining the vocabulary words I use in Bible Study class. We learn a lot more […]