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A Wonderful Sale!

Check out the fabulous pictures from our FANTASTIC greeting card and chalkboard napkin ring sale, sponsored by Children’s Ministries and Sunday Fellowship!  Last Sunday was a wonderful success, and we thank all who participated and supported our ministries and our lessons about Congregational Giving.  The proceeds from the sale will be divided between Children’s Ministries and Sunday Fellowship and offered as our pledges for 2019.  Stay tuned for the sale totals!

Earning, Spending, and Giving Away

As our preschool and kindergarten children continue to learn about Congregational Giving at WCUC, last Sunday they had a hands-on lesson on managing money.  Assisted by several older Middler helpers, stations were set up around the classroom that either cost money or earned money by participating.  Washing a truck earned one coin, babysitting earned another one.  Serving food at the restaurant earned a coin, but buying food cost one.  The children even had to purchase their snacks for two coins each!  Sometimes the lights would go out and a coin would be paid for the electric bill.  The heat bill was paid too.  And all children were invited to share a coin that they earned back with the church.  It was a fun and dynamic lesson about earning, spending and giving away money – just as Jesus taught us!

Puzzle pieces of faith

Last Sunday the children in all three Sunday school classes began a 4-week series of lessons about congregational giving and the special community of West Concord Union Church.  We asked the children to think about our community as a puzzle – what are the essential pieces of WCUC?  What happens if a piece is missing?  The children thought of themselves as a piece of our puzzle too, recognizing (with the help of some very powerful quotes from other adult members) just how important their presence and energy are to the faith experiences of everyone.  Next Sunday we will begin to talk more about money, learn about pledging and how the money is used at WCUC, and wonder about our dreams for the future.

In order to support the congregational giving appeal this year, the kids are again creating handmade greeting cards to sell during fellowship on November 11th.  All proceeds from that sale will be counted by the children and offered as our 2019 pledge on November 18th.  Check out the pictures to see a peek of their hard work and fantastic creations!