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Let’s Play Ball: Youth @ Miracle League of Massachusetts

  • October 22, 2018

What a great day for a ballgame!  The youth traveled to Nara Park in Acton on Saturday to serve as buddies to the baseball players in the Miracle League of Massachusetts.  Fun was had by all as these pictures can attest…



Let’s Play Ball!

  • June 2, 2018

The youth group had a great afternoon volunteering as “buddies” for athletes who participate in the Miracle League Baseball program.

From the website: …

“The Miracle League of Massachusetts is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping children with physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioral disabilities to develop and achieve their full potential: mentally, socially and physically. We accomplish this through America’s favorite pastime – baseball – providing an opportunity for children with disabilities to play baseball as part of a team in an organized, non-competitive league.

But it’s really so much more…

The benefits of participating in the Miracle League extend beyond the baseball field and impact everyone involved – players, parents, sponsors, buddies, volunteers and fans.”

Sometimes pictures are better than words….





Minute Man March 2018

Thanks to everyone who donated and walked to support our mission partners Minute Man March this past weekend! We were thrilled to have 40+ walkers in our WCUC group.

Saturday Night Live: Pizza Party with a Purpose

  • April 30, 2018

The youth gathered on Saturday night for a pizza and game party and also to decorate and fill duffle bags for foster care children.  Check out this amazing organization:


“Telestrations” has become a youth group (and little siblings) favorite!


Kindness Rocks at WCUC!

  • October 26, 2017

If you see some brightly colored rocks in the Welcome Garden next to West Concord Union Church, you’ve just discovered WCUC Sunday School’s “Kindness Rocks Project.” This simple yet powerful way of sharing messages of hope originated in the mind and heart of Megan Murphy, a mother of three from the Cape going through a life transition.

Each day she would walk on the beach looking for signs that closing her business and going back to school was the right decision. One day in 2013, she was inspired to decorate five ordinary beach rocks with messages of encouragement and return them to the beach. The next night, knowing nothing about their origin, one of Murphy’s close friends texted her a photograph of a rock she’d found on the beach with the message, “You’ve Got This!” It was just the sign Murphy needed to continue on her path. Just four years later, there are kindness rocks being made all over the world from the Cape to New Zealand!

The WCUC Sunday School decided to adopt this Kindness Rocks Project as a way of resisting hate and spreading hope within our community. Come on by the Welcome Garden and check out the messages our children have created. Feel free to take a rock with you or add one of your own. But you might want to come over soon! Kindness rocks have a way of finding new homes quickly! For more information about the Kindness Rocks Project and how to make your own rocks go to:

Youth Get to Work: Baking, Packing, and Painting…Oh My!

  • May 17, 2017

It was a very busy day on Sunday for the WCUC Youth!   In just a little over two hours, they packed up for kitchen in preparation for the renovation, painted gratitude prayer flags which will become part of a larger church-wide project happening next Sunday, and hosted a bake sale that raised $276.00 for Greater Lowell’s Habitat for Humanity.  Many hands do indeed make work lighter and we are so grateful to have such a helpful and committed group of young people at our church!


Serving and Socializing on Spring Break

  • April 19, 2017


The youth got busy this week helping out some neighbors in need and tackling a couple of church clean up projects.  Several of our teenagers met at Polly and Keith Jenkins Man home to help wth some packing and other preparations for their upcoming move.  Others joined Candy Carr at the church to clean out the deacon’s kitchen and do some yard work in the Welcome Garden.  In celebration of their efforts. we joyfully ended the evening in town with pizza and ice cream and then returned to church for a few rounds of the hide and seek game called Sardines which has become our youth group favorite.  A fun night with some of the most thoughtful and playful teens I know!

*A note of thanks from Polly and Keith:

We are very grateful to all the youth who helped us out on Tuesday.  It was a pleasure to get to know them and, as two of the more senior members of WCUC, we thank them for their generous gift of young muscles and energy.

‘Tis the Season to Love and Bake

  • December 12, 2016


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The youth at WCUC love kicking off the holiday season with their annual pie baking with Mrs. Schummers. This year was no different.  Together they baked 18 apple pies and wrote cards for people in our congregation who could use some extra cheer at Thanksgiving this year.   Their baking efforts continue into December when they come together to bake up some treats for youth group graduates, in their first year at college, who are getting ready for exams. This year, Emily Barkovic was the lucky recipient!






Our Neighbors: Listening, Learning, and Loving

  • December 12, 2016

In early November, the youth traveled to Wayland to visit the Islamic Center of Boston for a half day workshop which included a tour of their facility, education about their faith practices, a documentary film on Islam in America Today followed by a question and answer session.  We were joined by youth and adults from other churches in the surrounding towns.   It was a “packed house” filled with generous spirit, informative presentations, and gracious hospitality.img_7816


In December, our new friends at this mosque received a horrible, hate-filled letter from an anonymous writer who signed it from “Americans for a Better Way”.  Reading about this hate crime broke our hearts.  In response, the youth joined together in creating two large baskets of homemade baked goods and a banner/card that expressed our support and solidarity.  Added to this, were many beautiful cards made by the Middler Class and also a card signed by others in our congregation.  After church on Sunday, two of our church families drove to the mosque with our gifts and joined hands and hearts with hundreds of other people who were there for a community wide peace rally.   It was so moving and powerful to witness the loud and proud conviction that “Love is Stronger than Hate”.