Remembering Mary

  • July 23, 2013

You may not have met Mary. She hasn’t been to church for many years. Some of us had the privilege of visiting her in her house on Main Street, or more recently, in a nursing home. We heard all kinds of stories about her 97 years of life, and she was curious about our stories, too.

Martha was one of those who visited Mary. Here is her reflection:

Today I did something I have never done before and received a most amazing and unexpected gift in return: a new friend.  After church, I deliverMary Crockered communion to Mary in her house.  Not only was the sharing of the bread and cup incredibly moving for both of us, but also we discovered that we have much in common, including the same birthday.  “I’m going to be 96 in March,” she said.  “What date in March?” I responded, but as soon as I asked the question, I knew she would answer the 25th.  God was powerfully present for me today in Mary’s kitchen.

We’ll be celebrating Mary’s life this Thursday, July 25th, at 11:30 at the Concord Funeral Home. Thanks be to God for her presence, witness, service, and wonderful smile.