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A Poem by Tom Allen: A Strength That Is No More

 Tom AllenHow did I happen?

The big task- already it is right now.

I can only have my own experience: to a dying man, a girl looks good.

The meaning of vitality: there is a whole lot to know; remain on your own!

Is nature conscious, or in the abstract?

Never really lose track of time; what’s needed is a good intellect.

Despite it all, I have energy!

Here’s a deathbed wish: I am a life-being.

Accept the remainder; there’s only a little time left.

Live right where I am: Farewell all types of earthbound people.

Blessing our Seniors

seniors 2013We took time in our service on Sunday to bless the wonderful Seniors who are about to take off for new adventures.  Please add your prayers for these wonderful young women.

God, we give you thanks for these three women: for the gift of their lives, and for the gift of their presence among us.  Grant them courage and strength as they venture out to new places.  Help them to remember that they are precious in your sight, made in your image, holy and blessed.  Help them to remember that they are beloved: loved by their families, by this congregation, and by you.  Help them to remember that they are called, created to cultivate beauty and justice and joy.  Fill their hearts with your spirit, and keep them safe in your grace.  Amen.

Summer Adventures

We asked members and friends to report back from their summer adventures.  Here are our first submissions, from Stonehenge and Mt. Watatic!  Join the fun and send your pictures to wcuc.office@gmail.com.