We are a warm and caring community that joins together to worship God, follow the teachings of Jesus, encourage one another, and help those in need. We invite people of all backgrounds, abilities, identities, and orientations to join us. Come and experience the Spirit among us!

“Everyone who thirsts, come to the waters…” Isaiah 55:1

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Sunday, August 4th & 11th
10:00 a.m. Shared Worship at TriCon
54 Walden Street, Concord

Sunday, August 18th
9:45 a.m. Summer Worship at WCUC

Sunday, August 25th
9:45 a.m. Summer Worship w/Rev. Melissa Tustin
11 a.m.    Games for All Ages

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Our Blog: WCUC Windows

  • Close & Strange

    Do you recognize the God Ezekiel encounters while in exile?

  • Be Daring

    Acts 16 & 18 This summer we have been sharing stories of biblical dreams and visions. We started with dreams from the book of Genesis: dreams of Jacob and Solomon. This month we have focused on visions from the book of Acts. We started with Peter’s strange vision of inclusion (Acts 10), and continued with […]