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Our All-Ages Advent Event

  • December 14, 2022

Beauty and peace and crafts and candles surrounded us on Saturday evening as many families gathered to celebrate the Advent season. Our event featured the creation of colorful luminaries, vivid watercolor stars, festive wire oraments, soothing weavings, and journeying through our gorgeous labyrinth. It was an evening filled with connection – connection to the spirit of the season, to inner peace, to each other and to God. Enjoy the pictures of our evening together!

Sunday Fellowship in the Light

  • December 14, 2022

It was good to be together as a community celebrating Advent. In the candlelit sanctuary, the members of Sunday Fellowship sang and prayed, shared the Annunciation story, made ornaments and enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies.

To remind us of God’s loving embrace when we are sad or afraid, we practiced wrapping baby dolls in blue swaddling clothes. Then we wrote our fears and sadnesses on blue and purple ribbons and put them inside ornaments. The outside of the ornaments were decorated with golden stars symbolizing God’s light surrounding us despite our fears. After losing several members of our community this fall, it felt especially important to acknowledge the bittersweet feelings this season can evoke. Enjoy the photos!

Sunday Fellowship in the Light 2021

  • December 13, 2021

Sunday Fellowship enjoyed our first Advent gathering as one large group since 2019 and it was wonderful. Bathed in candlelight, we sang, prayed and explored the many names of Jesus through scrolls and word searches. Check out our photos and try one of the word searches. Have a blessed Advent!

Level 100 Names of Jesus Word Search

Advent in the Light

We had a fantastic evening with children and families last Saturday, December 8th.  Take a look!