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Sermons preached by Pastor Hannah and guest speakers at West Concord Union Church.

40 Days (and then some)

  • February 21, 2021

Lent usually begins with the story of Jesus in the wilderness. This year, we remember a different 40 day trial, and all that came after.

There is no Rock like our God

  • February 17, 2021

An Ash Wednesday reflection about God as our Rock and Redeemer…


  • February 14, 2021

2 Kings 2:1-12

Jesus Heals

  • February 9, 2021

Here’s a reflection from February 7th from Jessica and our Children’s Ministry.

Celebrating 2020

  • February 2, 2021

Mark 1:14-20

This was a hard year. There’s still a lot to celebrate in our shared ministry!

Samuel’s Message

  • January 26, 2021

1 Samuel 3:1-20

Watch Amanda Gorman read her inauguration poem in full here:

Reflection on Sacraments

  • January 19, 2021

Pastor Hannah reflected on what a sacrament is in our tradition and how we might celebrate communion even when we are apart.

Texts of Revolution

Why do we mistake these beautiful texts of Advent? A reflection on Isaiah 11:1-11 and Luke 1:46-55.

Our Shepherd

  • December 1, 2020

Psalm 80:1-3, 17-19 and Ezekiel 34:11-16, 20-24

The one whose arrival we await with anticipation this season has many names. One of them is Shepherd.


  • November 17, 2020

A reflection on Psalm 98 and how often our ancestors in faith included instructions for us to praise, rejoice, and sing in scripture.