Local stories from the UCC: Chaplains on the way

You can learn more about the ministry of local UCC churches by reading the Massachusetts’ Conference Spotlight.  This month’s spotlight highlights a ministry called Chaplains on the Way, which works to build relationships wCOTW_logoith and offer spiritual support to people who are experiencing homelessness, living in poverty, or living with mental illness or addiction: “I feel we are acting like Veronica,” said Murray, referring to the woman who gave Jesus her veil so He could wipe his forehead while He carried his cross to Golgotha.  “She didn’t stop the crucifixion, but when she touched Him there was a momentary sense of relief and in that moment she received back some of Jesus, through the imprint in her veil.  We experience that same God when we make that face-to-face connection with someone in need.”  Learn more here.