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Everybody Won, Even the Worms


After a wonderful weekDSCN4016 and a joyful Sunday celebration, our Vacation Bible School is finished — but the lessons and connections live on!  Here’s a lovely article in the Concord Journal.

Habitat, Habitat

At VBS thilaurel with snakes week, our campers have been learning about animals and the habitats they live in.  Each morning, they sing “Habitat, Habitat” with Chris, remembering that all creatures “have to have a habitat to gathered around snakecarry on!”  Yesterday, they got a visit from a special animal friend (thanks to Priscilla) and worked hard with Ruth and Janice, building habitats for the stuffed animals they are caring for this week.  The church is full of life and fun!

What is the Earth?

The first two days of VBS have been full of songs, stories, snacks, art, and experiments!  earthHere are some words of wisdom from our kids when asked, “What is the Earth?”

  • It is not pretty when people litter.
  • All the Nature is just God’s creation.
  • Earth is where I live.
  • The earth is really pretty, the grass is soft, and the sunshine is bright.
  • It is dangerous because of rhinos. Rhinos can plow you over.
  • The earth is up in the sky behind the moon.games
  • It is big.
  • Spins around once a day.
  • Has just the right amount of atmosphere that humans can breathe.
  • Orbits the sun once a year.
  • Created by God.
  • Made of clay, or mostly of clay and rock.
  • On the 3rd day God made animals.
  • The earth is a planet in the universe. It has more than 7 million people on it.2013-08-20 10.25.05
  • Scientists say that it was created by the Big Bang. It has 7 continents.
  • It is dangerous because of burrowing worms. Thankfully they don’t live here.
  • There are more bugs than people on earth.

Our New Green VBS gets local attention

Marjorie’s new approach to Vacation Bible School has attracted the attention of the Concord Journal:

In an effort to try to address some of the modern cultural challenges children face, Marjorie Masse has developed her own vacation bible school curriculum for the West marjorieConcord Union Church.  The school is set to take place from Aug. 19 to Aug. 23 from 9 a.m. to noon each day and is a summer program for children.

Masse, the church’s director of children’s ministries, said she was able to create the curriculum, titled “God’s Good Earth in Our Hands,” due to her background in environmental science, her past job as the education director at a children’s museum and her experience as a university education professor.

Masse said she created the first version of this new vacation bible school curriculum while a volunteer at a Presbyterian church in Pennsylvania some years ago after not being happy with the model the church was using.